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...strong, capable and touGh - ready to fight every day against the common enemies of modern life...

No cloak requireD!

POW Health Coaching functions as a knowledgeable companion on your path to personal wellness.  We help clients take a holistic view of their lifestyles and behaviors - assisting in creating a roadmap to achieving health and wellness goals.

We specialize in working with clients aged 40 plus, that have a variety of goals in mind;

  • Maintaining health and daily activities, preventing issues later in life

  • Continuing or improving sports performance (golf, tennis, running, hiking, ski/snowboarding)

  • Returning to your previous health and fitness levels after a pause, injury or illness

  • Facing chronic health challenges (diabetes, obesity, heart disease, arthritis etc)

  • Simply starting to focus on, and improve your health for the 1st time

Partnering with you to explore dietary choices and exercise habits, discussing sleep patterns, work conditions, living environment, stress levels, health history, relationships, coping strategies, and leisure activities.  Identifying specific behaviors you wish to stop, eliminating barriers to success, and brainstorming solutions to overcoming these obstacles.

We'll be by your side throughout, supporting you when it's time to face your fears, helping you understand your strengths and discovering your unique, special super-powers.

"Approximately 117 million people in the United States - an estimated one in two people - have at least one chronic health condition, such as heart disease, cancer, hypertension, diabetes and obesity, and one in four adults has two or more chronic health conditions" (CDC, 2015)

The population is aging, the average American today is nearly a decade older than just 50 years ago (37.9 Vs 28.1).  With age, there is often an increase in health concerns, as well as a greater awareness for one's overall wellness, longevity and quality of life.

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