Experience and certifications in Holistic Health Coaching, Exercise and Nutrition...

leading you to greatness !

Superheroes are powerful, fearless and athletic...and they also look good in a costume.

However, they have flaws and weaknesses like everyone else, so are often at their best having someone by their side.  A side-kick, keeping them focused on the right path, motivated, disciplined and battling against the odds.

That's where POW Health Coaching comes in.

Working as a dynamic duo, we'll coach you to create the vision for yourself, guide you to formulate the steps required, and inspire you to make it a reality.

You'll achieve greater results in less time - improved health, energy and vitality.

Health Coach

Nick Harris

  • A.C.E - Health Coach
  • N.A.S.M - Certified Personal Trainer
  • CHEK Institute - Exercise Coach
  • CHEK Institute - Holistic Lifestyle Coach
  • N.A.S.M - Senior Fitness Specialist
  • Precision Nutrition - Nutrition Coach
  • CHEK Institute - Golf Practitioner (Ongoing)

Injury, illness and a relocation to the USA provided an opportunity to evaluate his lifestyle.  Achieving balance through a holistic approach to health and wellbeing is enabling him to live a life of optimal fitness, without unnecessary stress.

Nick enjoys fitness training for trail running events, snowboarding, mountain biking, kayaking and paddle boarding and also spending time with his family.

Using his experiences and certifications in holistic health, nutrition and exercise, he is able to help clients make positive changes and achieve a wide range of goals.