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Lifestyle, Exercise & Nutrition in one!


Personal One-on-One sessions focus on functional movement, creating an effective nutrition structure and lifestyle modifications. The professionally designed studio provides the perfect environment to take your performance to new heights.

Strength and power that carries over to real-life situations is built using equipment from Freemotion & Rogue fitness, incorporating deadlifts, lunges, squats, twists, pulls and presses. The studio is equipped with all of the finer essentials to improve endurance and conditioning utilizing sandbags, Dynamax medicine balls, battle ropes, boxing, plyometrics, and other heart rate boosting modalities.

Nutrition and Lifestyle sessions (and a little homework) complete the package focusing on your potential opportunities, individual situation and goals.

All clients begin with a

comprehensive consultation

• Lifestyle and nutrition questionnaires

• Postural assessment

• Core assessment

• Measurements and biometrics summary

• Movement screening

One-on-one coaching includes:

• Personalized exercise program

• Access to track and monitor your workouts

• Nutritional and Lifestyle coaching

• Online education and guidance

• 24 hour email support

• Regular re-assessments and progress reports

coaching Sessions
from $85/session

POW Health Coaching, Arnold, CA - 95223

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