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online Coaching

8 weeks coaching program

Online Health coaching with POW is an exciting way to achieve your health and fitness goals with a tailored program, education and support. Accessed by anyone, from anywhere...it offers convenience, flexibility and affordability.

Utilizing a variety of approaches based on your goals, motivation and budget with programs including everything you need to grow confidence, gain skills and start to move forward with your complete health and wellness.

All stages of client knowledge and ability are covered as the program is developed and progressed exclusively for you. Complete the sessions in your own time and on your own schedule, perfectly fitting in with the pace of modern life.

what's online coaching?

POW Online Health coaching is the most flexible and cost effective way to reach your health & fitness goals. If you have the commitment, motivation and want to follow a unique, structured plan to work out where and when it's convenient...this coaching is for you.

Coaching sessions focus on functional movement, creating an effective nutrition structure and lifestyle modifications.

Exercise programming can be assigned to your account and progress can be tracked online simply and easily. Nutrition and Lifestyle guidance is structured throughout the program and delivered straight to your inbox, easily accessible to improve all areas of your health.

Get Personalized help

This isn’t any “cookie cutter” program delivered en-mass, the essential aspects of your health are analyzed and considered before your own custom-fit program is designed.

The program will be personalized once the comprehensive assessments have been completed and tailored using the fundamentals of optimal Exercise, Nutrition and Lifestyle.

Your assessment report and personalized plan will be delivered through PtEnhance software, accessed from any device and supported using phone, email, and video messaging.  

online coaching