helping busy people take control of their lives...become virtually the best you can be !

A tailored coaching program that guides you to grow confidence, gain skills and start to move forward with your complete health and wellness.

Accessed by YOU, from offers convenience, flexibility and affordability.

Check in each week with a 30 minute coaching call, and complete the homework in your own time and on your own schedule, perfectly fitting in with the pace of modern life.

Develop new habits, improve strength, increase accountability...get life-changing results!


Consultation and assessment

Establishing your current state of health and wellness, your background, where you are presently, and where you want to be are all vital to understand your strengths, values, vision and motivations.

A carefully chosen series of questionnaires and assessments then help shape the direction of your program.

Custom program design

Based on findings from our consultation, assessments, plus your goals and experience, we'll co-create a custom program exclusively for you...designed WITH your input. Incorporating all aspects of health and wellness, we'll establish meaningful goals, identify the steps to achieve them and plan to overcome any barriers along the way.

Taking lots of information into account, we'll work with you to build a tailored program that motivates you.  Delivered via online software or PDF's, the mixture of cardio, strength and flexibility will get you moving and developing momentum towards goals for your body and mind.

Accountability tracking

Providing a clear way to measure action and learning, we'll find the ideal method for you to become accountable to yourself. There are many ways to establish this which ultimately gives you the time and space to reflect on the progress you are making.

Weekly Coaching call

During these 30 minute sessions, we'll explore a variety of paths toward your goals. Utilizing resources in exercise, nutrition and lifestyle behavior change, these sessions will support you to construct new habits and empower you to turn your vision into a reality.

24 hour message response

You need us, we'll be there.  Message via the app, gmail...snail mail - we'll get back to you within 24 hours. Ask us what you need to support your journey and if we don't know, then we'll find out...quickly!


Measuring successes and challenges through a repeat of conversations and assessments is important to regularly evaluate and adapt the plan. Regular re-assessments support lasting behavior change and continued progress towards your goals, and to a fulfilling life of enhanced health and wellbeing.