"Nick is an outstanding health coach with knowledge and work ethic that  delivers great results!  I have worked with Nick for the past 5 months, and  as a newcomer to fitness training, found it very easy to work with his holistic approach to fitness and health.

Nick constructs programs and offers guidance in a way that is easy to  consume, and delivers results.

My goals were to improve overall fitness and conditioning, become stronger, and to have a lean, athletic physique. With Nick's help, I've seen tremendous results across all three.

Nick encompasses nutrition and sleep into his coaching philosophy to provide a well rounded approach and program. Nick is thoroughly professional, punctual, responsive and great to work with.  I would highly recommend him to anyone looking to improve their fitness and overall wellbeing.”


"Nick is a fantastic trainer!  Thoughtful, motivational, passionate and very  professional, Nick was instrumental in my returning to a formal work out regimen.

I needed a trainer who would be patient, focused and well prepared. Nick was all of those things — he designed a program for my needs and kept me focused on meeting my own personal milestones.

I cannot recommend Nick enough and know anyone working with him will see the results they’re seeking by following his customized regime.”


"When it comes to coaching, I'm looking for someone who is punctual,  prepared, attentive and inspiring in each session. Nick brings all of these characteristics to the table each time...and more!He doesn't just tell his clients what to do, he shows them by living what he's coaching. He's a true Health Coach!”


"Nick is a wonderful personal trainer!  I very much appreciate the care he took in personalizing a program based specifically on my goals. He was always careful to listen to any concerns I had and would adjust the workout accordingly. He also often followed up the workouts with additional information to help support my health and fitness goals. I'd definitely recommend him to anyone looking for a friendly, encouraging and thorough trainer."


"I have worked with several other trainers in the past year and Nick is the absolute best. He is very focused on how to help the client, paying attention to my goals and very clearly outlining how we are going to work to reach those goals. I am so happy that, because I have such an excellent trainer who really knows what he is doing, I feel motivated to get in shape for the first time in a very long while!”


"Nick is an excellent trainer. He develops a great program, knows when to push you to the next level and also is very supportive. He has a total wellness approach and can help provide solutions to you on overall well-being, stress reduction, nutrition and lifestyle management. Nick also has a great sense of humor and fun approach so will ensure you enjoy your training session.”


"Giving a shout-out to Nick and his invaluable assistance in getting me back on my feet. After spending nine months with sciatica, visiting doctors and attempting physical re-conditioning on my own, I was nowhere but in extreme pain and losing muscle mass. I've always been a hard charger and competitor, demanding a lot from my body. Pain was just part of playing hard and competing. But the sciatica was a game changer and nothing I did made any positive change. I dropped in to visit Nick and turned my weary body over to his physical training and nutritional advice. He was a miracle worker. Slowly through proper stretching, strength conditioning and gentle but persistent suggestions for lifestyle changes, I began to heal.

After about 2 months of attention through his skilled trainings, the sciatica pain had dropped by 50% and allowed me to function as I once had. Now at 6 months my pain is almost gone and it is hard to believe the overall change in posture, flexibility and function compared to where I was a year ago. If you need someone to help you get healthy, Nick changed the way I think about fitness and health. If you are in pain and tired of NSAID's and doctors who are not helping, maybe it's time for another tack. Want to be serious about your health and need help, I suggest you give the lad a try and listen to what he has to say. If I had not found Nick I would be a 120lb lump of broken tissue, filled with pain and NSAID's and that is not life!”


"I took 6 weeks of bootcamp training with Nick. Nick provided extremely customized training and modifications for each session and participant based on their fitness level. I came to the bootcamp out of shape and with some flexibility issues. Nick emailed me specific exercises and easy to follow videos to do at home which really helped. After 6 weeks, I am much more fit, flexible and definitely stronger! Nick is a genuinely nice guy and loves what he does. He checks in with you frequently throughout to make sure you're holding the right position, continuing to breathe etc...and he's great with encouragement. If you have to work out in the morning...he's the perfect person to get you motivated! I highly recommend Nick for bootcamp, coaching or a mix of both!”


"I really enjoyed the Boot Camp, I give it a 10/10. I thought Nick was fantastic. I liked the time (you'll never catch me at a 6am workout!!) and the awesome location - Big thumbs up!!"


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